Family booted off flight after complaints coughing toddler may have coronavirus
By Mirror

The couple and their children were kicked off an Air Transat flight in Canada [Toronto Star via Getty Images]

A family of five was thrown off a plane before takeoff because fellow passengers complained their coughing toddler could be infected with coronavirus.

It is believed passengers asked for the cabin crew to intervene before the couple and its 21-month-old daughter Lila, and two siblings were asked to leave the plane.

The incident took place on Sunday, February 23 on an Air Transat flight from Quebec City, Canada, to Paris.

Lila's father Emmanuel Faug said that he still cannot believe the incident took place and the family has filed a complaint with Air Transat, the third-largest Canadian airline that is based in Montreal.

The couple decided to travel with their three children despite the toddler suffering with common cold symptoms, after they were given the go-ahead by the family doctor, according to reports.

Despite the medic's approval, a flight attendant reportedly asked another doctor on board to examine the girl, who also confirmed that she was okay to fly.

But according to local media, the captain was still not happy and sought the advice of Medlink, a company specialising in aviation medical issues.

The captain was reportedly advised to eject the girl from the plane because she did not have a medical certificate to state she was not infected with COVID-19.

An Air Transat spokesman said: "After analysing the situation, MedLink determined that the passenger's medical condition posed a significant potential risk to passengers and crew during the flight.

"They [MedLink] follow the recommendations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regarding contagious diseases."

However, the girl's mother Clementine Ferraton said: "We were thrown off a plane against the advice of two doctors, one in person. I don't find this normal at all."

The Canadian couple has reportedly filed a complaint with the airline to compensate them for the cancelled holiday.