Flex in 2020 like a boss
By Jeff Anthony

Jeff Anthony [Courtesy]

A new year’s resolution month often bemoans a domino effect of collapsing fitness and nutritional goals that drastically set a stumbling momentum for the remaining 12 months. Consistency in good nutrition often demands a strong will of self-discipline with equal resilience needed in a daily workout nutrition regimen.

Mastering consistency, the very essence of a strict nutritional diet and a persistent exercise program, also demands the perseverance of a combination of the two targets, before a daily exercise program can be psychologically mastered with ease after the unconscious mind becomes accustomed.

That leads to the formation of a lifestyle of advanced nutrition and consistent daily healthy exercises. An advanced nutritional diet of specific foods of sweet potatoes and arrowroots is very essential for the body for those who possess a desire to grow lean or bulky muscles.

Another effective nutrient to continuously feed the active body is a good supply of amino acids. These can be found in dairy products like milk, poultry products like eggs which are very effective for lean and larger muscle growth and chicken from the Kroiler and indigenous breed and not the broiler type. An array of nutritious protein can also be consumed from plant products like green and red beans, Green Grams, numerous local lake fish and unprocessed seafood.

There is also an array of fungi products that can be consumed by fitness fanatics and people with exercise goals. Oyster, Button and Shiitake Mushrooms contain a high amount of Protein, Calcium to strengthen bones in the course of a pre-workout period, together with mineral substances of magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

Mushrooms are the perfect organic medicinal alternative that can be used for vegetarians, vegans and people who are trying to avoid the endless temptation of red meat protein like beef and Lamb. Another highly important food group that has to be included in the diet of a regular fitness individual are Vitamins. Mushrooms contain all Vitamins except A and D and is also essential in preventing ailments like Colon cancer, because of their detoxification attribute.

Vitamins help with speedy digestion of Proteins and Carbs and can be the difference in the rapidity of the muscle growth and assist in the elimination of unwanted flabby parts of the body that are stubborn to eliminate.

To go about the achievement of quick workout goals, its important to exercise on a daily basis for a start, but with lighter weights and shorter sets, but higher repetitions. If your main purpose is to simply burn fat, you can quickly develop a daily home workout routine of 45 minute intense  cardiovascular exercises of rope skipping, jogging outdoors, jogging in-place, swimming or cycling.

These can be combined with a 15 minute body tonning and ab excercises of, 3 sets of 5 push-up repetitions for a start that can advance to 5 sets of 10 push-ups after the first two weeks of introduction. You can also have alternative 15 minutes squat days of 3 sets of 10 squats without weights to begin with and advance to 2 sets to 10 squats with weights. The same range of sets and reps can be used on exercises like, sit ups, the ab wheel, the Russian twist, flutter kicks, leg raises and planks.

If you don’t possess weights at home, you can work on Lunges after the cardio sessions. Lunges can be used with the same sets and repetitions as the ones mentioned for squats, but there should be rapid increase of repetitions as the strength of the legs quickly advance.

If your intention is to gain a buff swollen muscular figure, there is a dedicated regimen to be followed. Nothing makes the body stronger, bigger and filled with confidence than Bench Presses, Squats and Dead Lifts. With the availability of a fitness center, the weights of these three paramount workout methods can be mathematically increased to ascertain faster muscle growth.

The sets in all the three effective workouts can be kept constant or in the range of three to five for a start, but what really peaks expansive muscle mass growth is a high number of reps. Continuous repetitions are what makes the arms chest and legs bigger. Therefore instead of going for ten repetitions in whichever weight you begin with, you can push your endurance to 15 then 20 reps. This will tax your muscles to grow larger and more defined.

Another speedier way of achieving results is to make the interval rest between sets very short. Reduction of rest time between set intervals speeds the results between all types of exercises. A similar home workout regimen for larger muscles can be developed for those without gym access. Decline push-ups using a strong chair of 15 to 20 repetitions combined by dips of several reps and shorter intervals achieve equal results.

When achieving all the workout goals, it’s important to consume six daily small portion meals of the aforementioned proteins vitamins and carbs, every three hours. The continuous disciplined consumption of the right foods, is what consistently instigate the muscles to grow and prevents the void of hours of starvation that very often slows down massive gains in muscle growth.

Jeff Anthony is a novelist, a Big Brother Africa 2 Kenyan representative and founder of Jeff’s Fitness Center.