Nairobi restaurants to check out
By Chebet Waweru

Dining in Nairobi is becoming tricky these days, especially now with the opening up of many restaurants and new innovative dishes.

The best thing is that this has opened up diversity for Nairobians to choose from, giving us even more food to sample and restaurants to hop to and from.

Here are some of our picks:

  1. Bao Box

This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a meal with friends and family. It combines food and games, giving it a casual and fun atmosphere.

Not suitable for when you are in a rush so that you can get to sample the various board games they have and enjoy drinks including a delicious hot toddy to warm you up.

Location: 8th floor, Pramukh Towers, Westlands.

Bao Box restaurant [Courtesy]

  1. Karel T Lounge

If you are looking for a Mediterranean vibe, Karel T Lounge at the Village Market is the place to be.  The blue and white décor gets your attention the moment you arrive and get to choose from the couches for a cosy dining experience or the set tables for a semi-formal meal. 

The menu is filled with Mediterranean offering including vegetarian meals and seafood options, all at an affordable rate.

Location: New Wing, 1st Floor, Gigiri - Village Market.

Karel T Lounge [Courtesy]

  1. Attibassi

Attibassi is a quaint coffee house in Upper Hill that offers a beautiful array of foods and drinks. You have a choice to either sit in the restaurant or enjoy the outdoors at the balcony, as you enjoy an English breakfast or a steaming cup of coffee.

It is suitable for a quiet weekend and for busy workdays, illuminating its adaptability.

Location: Ground Floor, Britam towers, Upper Hill.

Attibassi Coffee House [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

  1. Ankole Grill

For lovers of African cuisine, Ankole Grill offers a variety of foods including steak, fish and chicken, all prepared with an African touch. Some options include sweet potato uji, Pemba sushi and Congo Bongo chicken.  The restaurant hosts a band on select days, giving a dope mix of meal and music.

Location: Senteu Plaza, Galana Rd, Kilimani.

Ankole Grill [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

  1. Silk Noodles

For lovers of any food Chinese, Silk Noodles is quite a popular spot. It is known for a wonderful menu that includes beef noodle soup and stir-fried noodle. The easy-to-miss eatery gets quite busy, so make sure you plan your day accordingly.

Fortunately, every meal is worth it.

Silk Noodles [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

Location: Remax Shopping Village on Argwings Kodhek Road.