Meet Chef Kiran Ramsaran
By Travelog

Chef Kiran Ramsaran [Courtesy]

How long have you been a chef?

I have been a chef for over 25 years with international exposure and experience in various countries such as Maldives, Seychelles, Lebanon and Iran among others.

What drew you to the culinary world?

I come from a famous coastal tourist village where many hotels and restaurants are located. When growing up this inspired me and I found myself working in one of the leading hotels close to home as an apprentice. Over a period of time, I grew up the ranks and was able to travel the world, work in leading international hotels. I will also give credit to my Mother who is the best chef in the world.

Where were you trained? 

I can never say learning stops. Every day I learn something new. I started training as a chef at the age of 15 years, where I worked as an apprentice at a hotel. Thereafter, l  was sponsored to attend a 3 years hotel management course at the Hotel School of Mauritius.

How many people work in your Kitchen and what is your philosophy? 

I have a team of 50 including chefs and stewards. My philosophy is ‘ Teamwork, different cultures mixed together bring out the best’. This is inspired by the different cultures I have experienced in different parts of the world.

What is your favourite cuisine?

 Mauritian Creole, my native cuisine. Mauritius is a multicultural island.

Do you have a guilty food pleasure? 

French Baguette and “Gateau Piment”

What is your favourite dish on the menu and why?

The Trout. Guests are able to enjoy fresh trout sourced from the Likii River originating from the slopes of Mount Kenya.

What do Kenyans order most? 

Kenyans mostly order steaks. In our newly launched Colobus Grill Restaurant, our different meat cuts are 21-day dry-aged.

How do you come up with ideas for the dishes in the kitchen? 

All my dishes always have a blend of both local and international touch. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally, with some grown in the hotel’s vegetable garden.

What is your favourite go-to meal when you're low on time? 

Steak and fries.  

Who's the biggest celebrity you've ever served?

Nelson Mandela -we surprised him during his dinner in Mauritius with his favourite peanut butter and spinach soup.

What's the secret to cooking a perfect steak? 

In Colobus Grill Restaurant, we handpick the meat cuts from the local ranches. The meat undergoes through dry ageing in order to make it more mature and full of flavour.

 Chef Kiran Ramsaran is the Executive Chef at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club.